Toyota Supra returns as Gazoo Racing motorsport concept

Don't worry, a non-racing Supra is in the works, too.

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Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept
Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

The speculation is over. There's a new Toyota Supra, and while it might have a funky name and a motorsports design, it's still the new Supra for which we've all been clamoring.

The full name of this bad boy is the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept. GR stands for Gazoo Racing, Toyota's motorsports partner. As with Supras past, this one sports a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, but there's a dose of 21st-century in its style and its use of lightweight materials.

The body resembles the FT-1 concept that debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in 2014, especially in the front and rear fasciae. Since this concept is all about racing, lightweight materials are found in the bumpers, splitter, diffuser and rear wing. The windshield and side windows are made of plastic. Louvers and other aero bits, such as air-deflecting canards, can be found on just about every inch of the bodywork.

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Toyota's GR Supra Racing Concept is one of the biggest debuts at the Geneva Motor Show.

Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

Further adding to its motorsport street cred is a set of center-locking BBS racing wheels and Michelin racing tires. A racing exhaust keeps things nice and loud, but Toyota won't tell us what actually powers it. When it's time to stop, Brembo brakes will bring the GR Supra Racing Concept to a halt in a hurry.

The interior bears no resemblance to a road car whatsoever. There's a purpose-built racing dashboard, an OMP driver's seat and a proper safety harness. The inside of the doors have carbon-fiber panels, the steering wheel has a quick-release mechanism and, as expected, there's a roll cage in there to ensure the driver's safety. Everything is designed to competition spec, which means there's a damned good chance you'll see this in Japan's Super GT racing league in the future.

Best of all, you'll actually be able to drive this concept, albeit virtually. Toyota will bring the GR Supra Racing Concept to the PlayStation 4's Gran Turismo Sport video game. It's scheduled for release in April, so while you will have to wait, you won't have to wait long.

Sadly, Toyota didn't talk at all about the forthcoming fifth generation of the Supra road car. All we have is this concept for now, but you know what? It sure as hell beats having nothin' at all.

Toyota GR Racing Concept previews a production Supra

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