Toyota Supra concept goes Fast and Furious with sexy targa top

I think Paul Walker would approve.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Toyota Supra Sport Top Concept
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Toyota Supra Sport Top Concept

This is so good.


The fourth-generation Toyota Supra is a poster car hero. Almost two decades ago, millions of youngsters around the world watched a bright orange Supra (with overnight parts from Japan) rip through the streets of southern California in The Fast and the Furious, and a star was born in the car community. Toyota is keenly aware of the love surrounding the fourth-gen Supra, so for this year's virtual SEMA Show, it wanted to once again honor its sports car hero.

This is the Toyota Supra Sport Top concept, revealed on Monday, which was meant for an in-person SEMA Show, but you know, the coronavirus cancelled nearly every major event. What makes the Supra Sport Top different from last year's Heritage Concept is the lovely targa top. Just like the fourth-gen Supra so many watched Paul Walker leap from in the cult-classic film, Toyota engineers and designers ripped the roof from the fifth-generation car. Honestly, it works super well and I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

The automaker said it really wanted a companion to last year's Heritage Concept (which is also really great), so it worked with KC's Paint Shop in Fort Worth, Texas to lead the roof removal. To make sure the car continues to meet all safety regulations, Toyota 3D printed two composite roof panels that fit directly to the Supra's roof lines and beefed up structural integrity in the roof's outer body structure. Some extra muscle also found its way to the engine bay.

Complete with many of the ground effects from the Supra Heritage Concept, this Supra looks like one that absolutely must be sold at dealers. The rear wing (direct from a MKIV Supra), throwback taillights and overall feel absolutely helps capture a little more soul from the production design. It may just be the photos, but it also helps the car look longer; the new Supra's stubbiness is a minor complaint after seeing the FT-1 concept.

Hopefully, Toyota receives strong positive feedback for this option, because the Supra Sport Top Concept is, frankly, really rad.

Toyota Supra Sport Top Concept is a nod to Supras past

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