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Toyota's new electric SUV teased ahead of reveal next week

It won't be for the US, but it's a big moment for the automaker regardless.

Toyota X Prologue EV teaser
I'm intrigued. Go on.

In one week, we'll see a totally new electric SUV from Toyota. On Wednesday, the automaker revealed an image previewing what it calls the "X Prologue." From the name, it sounds like this will be a prototype showcasing a production car to come, but nevertheless, the design has my attention.

The sweeping LED accent light looks seriously good here, and it looks like the SUV won't rock a traditional front grille, either. EVs don't need them anyway. Instead, the Toyota badge sits squarely on the front fascia with lots of red body color. That bold LED light might run across the entire front end, too, though the photo cuts off without giving us a final answer. We'll also have to wait and see if some other light source will create the headlights, or if the bulbs huddled next to the LED accent get the job done.

It's important to note this announcement came from Toyota Europe, not here in the US. While the automaker said last month it has two new EVs to show us sometime this year, and the automaker told Roadshow this is a "glimpse of a future Toyota small car concept specifically developed for Europe." But, it's a safe bet the first EV we'll see from Toyota for the US will be some sort of SUV, as the company previously teased for Europe. It will likely become a twin with a Subaru version, too.

Check back on March 17 when Toyota will reveal X Prologue. We'll have all the details right here.