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Toyota sneaks another GR Corolla teaser onto social media

The upcoming hot hatch was much easier to spot in this latest teaser photo, unlike the first time.

Toyota GR Corolla teaser
It's coming, and we can't wait.

It looks like next year will bring us a brand new hot hatch from Toyota, judging by the teaser machine revving up. On Thursday, the brand posted a new photo to Instagram that appears to show off the standard Corolla hatchback, but in addition, the GR Corolla sits in the shadows off to the side. 

It's the second time Toyota took to social media to sneakily tease the performance hatch. The first time, the brand issued a teaser no one even caught until about a month later. Now, the internet is paying attention to Toyota's feeds. The new photo still remains sly, with the GR Corolla tucked away behind the shadows in camouflage, but the red shipping container reiterates some important details.

Zooming in reveals the bright red container reads, "NA G16 GR FOUR." Like the last teaser, this points to the G16 turbocharged inline-three engine from the GR Yaris sold globally and an all-wheel drive system. While "NA" is often an abbreviation for a "naturally aspirated" engine, it likely refers to "North America" in this instance. Hence the cargo box and the "special delivery" kind of vibes Toyota is throwing out there.

The automaker already confirmed it plans on a hot hatch for those of us here in North America after ruling out the GR Yaris locally, and at this point, we may be in for a launch as soon as next year if the brand already wants to drum up hype for the car.