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Toyota GR Corolla hot hatch teased a month ago and no one even knew

Toyota snuck the performance hatchback into an Instagram post almost a month ago and it flew under the radar.

Toyota GR Corolla teaser

Good hints, Toyota. Well done.


Sneaky Toyota pulled a fast one on all of us and absolutely got away with it. On Oct. 26, the company posted an unassuming photo of the Corolla's interior with the caption "Keep them guessing..." Well, no one guessed much of anything until this past Tuesday when the internet, specifically the GR Corolla forum, noticed a second car in the frame: the long-rumored and basically confirmed GR Corolla hot hatchback.

The car's really hard to see in the photo, but we can tell it's camouflaged up as it rips down the dirt road. We should've known the bearded man was looking at something and not just staring out in the desert. The hot hatch nearly out of frame isn't the only thing Toyota snuck into the photo, however.

The time displayed reads "G:16," likely a reference to the 1.6-liter turbo-three engine found in the GR Yaris sold elsewhere in the world named "G16E-GTS." The navigation shown on the screen also shows the name of the road as "GR Four," another nod to the Yaris' all-wheel drive system. More than likely, Toyota will plop the GR Yaris' running gear into the Corolla to create this new hot hatchback and that's a good thing.

Finally, the climate controls show a "2" on the left-hand side and a "68" on the right. Taking that as a full number, it matches the 268 horsepower figure the GR Yaris makes in Japan. 

With all of these little hints discovered, Toyota fans have something really special to look forward to with this car. The GR Yaris earned rave reviews from folks around the globe. Seeing as we're not treated to the Yaris in the US any longer, a GR Corolla sounds like just the ticket to keep the Subaru WRX and WRX STI company.