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Toyota issues second recall for 135K Corolla, Matrix models with faulty airbags

Yes, Toyota already repaired these cars, but they have to come back. Again.

Toyota sign

These cars have been re-recalled.

Artur Debat/Getty Images

Toyota Corolla and Matrix owners, you may need to once again bring your car to a dealership because of another airbag recall. Toyota said on Wednesday that it's recalling 135,000 Corolla and Matrix models to repair airbags that were previously recalled. Each car hails from the 2003-2008 model year.

The airbags installed into these cars were replacements for faulty Takata airbags as part of the nearly industry-wide recall. The original Takata airbags were susceptible to degrading under hot and cold cycles and humidity. When deployed, the inflator could explode and spray passengers with shrapnel. The faulty airbags have caused a number of deaths and injury.

These replacement airbags are part of the latest recall to remedy an issue where they may not deploy at all in the event of a crash. Obviously, airbags that don't deploy at impact highten the risk of injury in a crash.

Every single Corolla and Matrix involved will receive yet another new front passenger airbag assembly. Of course, the swap will be performed at no cost to owners. Look for notifications in the mail at the end of October.

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