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The future of Formula E is utterly gorgeous

Spark Racing is in charge of delivering the body for Formula E's fifth season, and its initial renderings hint at something special.

Spark Racing Technology, which won the contract to manufacture race car bodies for Formula E's fifth season, has revealed its initial renders and they are, in a word, stunning.

Spark's SRT05e envisions Formula E racing in the 2018-2019 season. It's far more aerodynamically efficient than before, with a front wing that blends into the front wheel covers. The rear end is a bit less open, but more aerodynamic trickery helps keep the car planted at speed.

This is like something out of the next Gran Turismo game.

Spark Racing Technology

The company isn't just designing a race car to look pretty. The car must be able to travel double the distance of current Formula E cars, which must be swapped out halfway through the race for a car with a full battery. The cars must be lighter, as well, which is tricky because the battery itself will be heavier.

Formula E is an all-electric racing series similar to other open-wheel racing series like Formula 1, and overseen by the same body, the FIA. Teams from around the world compete in electric race cars on circuits shared with other series, with teams swapping out cars when the battery depletes.

A number of automakers have signed up for this electric racing series, including Jaguar and Audi, which abandoned its incredibly strong World Endurance Championship team in order to commit fully to Formula E. Even EV startup Faraday Future is getting in on the action.

Formula E's advancements in racing tech have been adapted to the road... sort of. Renault used a Formula E drivetrain as the heart of the Trezor supercar concept, which it debuted at last year's Paris Motor Show.

This side angle shows a car that more closely resembles the current crop of Formula E racers.

Spark Racing Technology

This is where I'd put the peach emoji, if I knew how to do that on a laptop.

Spark Racing Technology