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Faraday Future's FIA Formula E livery is simply gorgeous

The electric race car will run in the third season of Formula E, with the help of Dragon Racing.


This summer, EV startup Faraday Future announced that it was heading to the races -- FIA's all-electric Formula E, to be specific. Now, we're finally getting a glimpse of the car it will be running with teammate Dragon Racing.

The livery's code name is Polarity, which makes sense, since the whole getup is a flow between the opposites of black and white. Faraday Future has some lofty, almost poetic reasons for its livery, but I'll stop short of rehashing those stanzas and just say that it looks pretty wicked.

Formula E's third season will serve as a testing-the-water situation for the fledgling EV manufacturer. In the fourth season, Faraday Future will start supplying hardware to its team, and in the season following that, it will start delivering all sorts of components -- software, powertrain parts, you name it.

Faraday's partner, Dragon Racing, was one of Formula E's founding teams. It started in 2007, competing in other forms of motorsport. Dragon Racing finished in second place in the first season of the series.

Meanwhile, Faraday's off-track exploits remain largely a mystery. It recently announced a battery partnership with LG Chem, the same company that supplies the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Other than that, its passenger-car aspirations are still shrouded in question marks. The company has yet to unveil anything other than the FFZero1 hypercar concept, which bowed at CES 2016.

Faraday Future Dragon Racing