Renault's Trezor concept packs Formula E drivetrain, slim silhouette

Renault probably doesn't appreciate it when you keep calling it the "Trevor."

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Renault Trezor Concept
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Renault Trezor Concept
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Renault Trezor Concept

I'm just going to keep calling it Trevor.


Concept cars are at their best when you take one look and say, "Whoa." That was definitely the first impression that Renault's Trezor concept gave off.

With a crazy yet efficient powertrain hiding underneath a silky-smooth body, this concept car might be one of the prettiest vehicles at the Paris Motor Show.

Trezor -- not to be confused with Trevor, although it's inevitable -- is a two-seat electric concept car. The drivetrain is borrowed from Renault's efforts in the FIA Formula E racing series, and it puts out about 350 horsepower. It features two batteries, each with their own cooling system. Power can be generated by way of braking, another bit of tech borrowed from its Formula E car.

The drag coefficient is a barely-there 0.22, which should be obvious given the car's slick body. Treznor stands only three and a half feet tall and the whole front end opens up, clamshell-style, to let the driver inside. The interior is replete with red leather, red wood and other things that also happen to be red.

Naturally, being a concept, OLED screens have replaced all the gauges. They feature an interface that brings your smartphone's apps into the cabin. The steering wheel is rectangular for more of a Formula 1 look, which is fine, since this thing has a snowball's chance in hell of appearing on the road. And, of course, the whole thing can be driven autonomously.

The Renault Trezor Concept is a Formula E car for the road...sort of

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