The Batman director shares first images of new Batmobile

Robert Pattinson will become The Bat in the upcoming remake, and from what we can see he has fine taste in automobiles.

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Is this the baddest Batmobile yet? 

Matt Reeves/Twitter

It wasn't that long ago that we got our first look at Robert Pattinson looking suitably moody in full costume in filming for 2021's The Batman. Now, director Matt Reeves has taken to Twitter to share the first three images of Pattinson's new ride, and it's... well, it's unlike any other Batmobile we've seen before.

The images show a shape that is distinctly inspired by American muscle cars, with a long hood and powerful rear fenders that wouldn't look out of place on a late '60s or . Like those cars the Batmobile appears to be powered by a massive V8, but there's one major difference: the Batmobile's engine is out back.


That's a big V8. Functional, or is it just for show?

Matt Reeves/Twitter

Yes, the seemingly large-displacement engine in Batman's new ride is not only on display, it's way out there, seemingly sitting between the rear wheels. It's a layout not unlike that of the latest Ford GT, and like the GT we can't help noticing the new Batmobile has sprung a set of flying buttresses to presumably help keep that motor from twisting itself free from the rest of the car.

With all the oily bits out back, that of course leaves the question of what's taking up all that space under the hood up front? We can only imagine it's full of, to paraphrase the Joker, wonderful toys. 

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