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Elon Musk and the first Tesla Roadster star in this throwback from Jay Leno's Garage

It's pretty cool to go back 12 years in time and see how far the Big T has come.

Sometimes it's interesting to look back at the beginning of a company and see just how far it's come. This is especially true with Tesla because the company hasn't been around for that long (compared with Mercedes-Benz, for example), so most of us remember the amount of skepticism surrounding its first vehicle, the Tesla Roadster.

Thankfully, through the magic of the internet, we can go back in time and check out both the very first production Tesla Roadster and a fresh-faced Elon Musk when they visited Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage back in 2008.

It's pretty amazing to see the rapid evolution of the company's vehicles from the Roadster all the way through to the Cybertruck, both in terms of technology and in aesthetics. The Roadster was well ahead of its time, and while some of the criticism thrown at the car by journalists at the time may have been well-deserved, history has ultimately proven it had legs.

Seeing this is an excellent reminder that even though Elon Musk can definitely be problematic, and while Tesla can be frustrating to deal with for owners, it's still come a lot further in a short amount of time than many companies have in decades.

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