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Tesla asks $500 to restore standard radio functions after prior $2,500 update

Those who updated their system to receive more Tesla theater options lost AM/FM and SiriusXM radio. If you want two of them back, it'll be $500.

So, that's $3,000 spent total, if you want your radio back.

Tesla Model S and Model X owners who updated to the latest upgraded infotainment systems have lost the ability to connect to any AM, FM and SiriusXM radio stations. Losing these features seems odd after dropping $2,500, but Tesla has a solution: For another $500 you can have two of them back.

According to Tesla upgrade notes from the automaker, it will start rolling out the $500 package this quarter to owners of the older Model S and Model X vehicles that lost standard and satellite radio functions. The catch is there's no way to restore AM radio capabilities, so you'll only receive FM and SiriusXM for the money. The company explained the latest infotainment upgrade for the EVs is not compatible with the original radio tuner. The $500 gets you a new tuner and an antenna. In Tesla's defense, the company said standard radio usage isn't universal, so it made the executive decision to cut the capability from the $2,500 upgrade.

The infotainment package upgrade still allows you to stream music and radio stations over the internet, but the radio bands are no longer accessible. It also provides the latest Tesla Arcade games and Tesla Theater for Netflix, YouTube and more, while the car is not in Drive, of course.

Moral of the story? Tesla giveth, but it also taketh away. The move is a little peculiar, but let's be real: Many people said the same thing when CD players started to vacate cockpits as streaming became the norm over the last decade. While $500 seems steep, at least owners who really want radio back have the option. And considering the price of Model S and Model X EVs, it's probably a drop in the bucket for most owners.

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