Tesla Model S and X get more range, new lease on life

Tesla's aging Model S sedan and Model X SUV just got a bit of an upgrade, now offering up to 370 miles of range on a charge.

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How much range is enough range in an electric car? It wasn't that long ago that 200 miles was considered a luxury, but that bar was only ever going to get higher. Tesla just hiked it up another notch, upgrading the Model S sedan to a whopping 370 mile EPA-rated range on a single charge. The Long Range Model X SUV, meanwhile, now does 325, all thanks to a new drivetrain that ekes out more miles from the 100 kilowatt-hours of battery at its disposal.

A new, permanent-magnet motor up front and induction motor on the rear, plus a number of other smaller changes hinted at in a new blog post, offer this enhanced utilization of the capacity slung in the low-mounted battery pack. Tesla claims a 93% efficiency in the cars, along with "significantly" more torque and power to increase performance. They still won't trump the Ludicrous Model S, however, with a Long Range sedan doing the 0-to-60 run in 3.7 seconds vs. 2.4 for a Ludicrous Performance.

2019 Tesla Model S
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2019 Tesla Model S

Tesla's updated Model S and X ranges are getting a slew of meaningful upgrades.


But that's not all. The sedan and SUV both now offer a new adaptive suspension system, the details of which weren't disclosed, except that Tesla is promising more intelligent behavior from the four corners of the car. This includes softening the ride while commuting on Autopilot and automatically lowering the car at speed to decrease drag and increase range. When you do run out of range, Models S and X are now capable of sucking down 200 kW of juice from Tesla's new V2 Superchargers, meaning in optimal conditions they'll charge twice as fast.

And how much will the cure for your undiagnosed case of range anxiety cost? Tesla's new, 370-mile Long Range Model S starts at $88,000 before any federal and local incentives, while a 325-mile Long Range Model X will set you back at least $93,000. Meanwhile, the company has introduced an updated Standard Range Model S, with a (still quite healthy) 285 miles of EPA-rated range starting at $78,000. The 250-mile Standard Range Model X is $83,000. 

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