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The Tesla Model Y is now thousands cheaper

The Long Range AWD variant took a price cut of $3,000 this weekend as Tesla shuffles things around.

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It's still not exactly cheap, but $3,000 is $3,000.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk was full of Model Y news to share this past weekend. Not only did we learn the Model Y Standard Range is dead before it even existed, but the Tesla boss also noted the Model Y Long Range received a price cut.

Said price reduction came to the tune of $3,000, which isn't too shabby. Now, Tesla's site shows the Model Y Long Range starts at $49,990 before any savings and taxes. The Model Y Performance still costs $59,990, but Electrek first reported the variant now includes the Performance Package as standard equipment. Now, every Model Y Performance includes larger 21-inch wheels, beefier brakes and a lowered suspension. The top speed also climbs to 155 mph, though range falls to an EPA-estimated 291 miles, down from 315 miles on the Long Range.

Tesla has a habit of shuffling prices around at a moment's notice, especially since it doesn't follow traditional model year cycles, so the move isn't much of a surprise. However, there are likely a few new Model Y customers irked after paying slightly more the electric SUV. The automaker didn't immediately return a request for comment on the decision.

We'll be treated to another Model Y variant in the near future, which should help fill the void the now-canceled Model Y Standard Range would have filled. Musk said a new Long Range RWD model will arrive in the months to come and likely start around $45,000 with a single electric motor.

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