Performance Upgrade Package now standard on Tesla Model 3 Performance trim

This free upgrade includes enhancements such as 20-inch wheels, better brakes and a carbon-fiber spoiler.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance Upgrade Package
Tesla/Screenshot by Craig Cole/Roadshow

Tesla has tweaked the amount of equipment offered on its popular Model 3 all-electric sedan. Spotted by Teslarati, the Performance trim level of this car, which is the range-topping model, now comes standard with the Performance Upgrade Package. Before, this was available as a no-charge option.

That equipment group adds a number of welcome features to the Model 3. Aside from 20-inch wheels treated to a gray finish, it also includes upgraded brakes, a carbon-fiber spoiler and a suspension drop. Aluminum pedal covers and a track driving mode should be included as well.

Beyond all that, Performance-trim Model 3s also boast of an increased top speed. Tesla's Performance Upgrade Package boosts the car's max speed from 145 mph to a whopping 162 mph, though this change is likely of little value to most drivers, well, drivers who want to maintain their license at least. Triple-digit blasts down public roads are generally frowned upon by law enforcement, a lesson one Dodge owner recently learned.

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Three flavors of Model 3 are offered. The standard version features rear-wheel drive and offers a driving range of 250 miles. This trim starts at around $40,000. Next comes the long-range variant, which can travel an impressive 322 miles on a charge. With standard all-wheel drive, it can blitz from zero to 60 in as little as 4.4 seconds. These models are priced from roughly $50,000. Finally, there's the Performance variant, which trades a bit of range for dramatically increased acceleration. These cars can go around 299 miles between recharges, but they can rocket from a standstill to 60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds, a sports car-beating performance. The richest of the bunch, these kick off at right around $57,000.

Tesla making the Performance Upgrade Package standard equipment on the Performance trim of its Model 3 is likely a move to streamline vehicle production. With fewer model derivatives and options variants, it should, in theory, make it easier and quicker to build these popular all-electric sedans , something that would help the automaker as it strives to deliver more than 500,000 vehicles in 2020.

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