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Tesla released some DIY maintenance procedures for Model 3

This isn't exactly a tutorial on how to change your drive motor, but these basic procedures will help inexperienced owners avoid the service center.

If you've ever needed to restart your Model 3's center screen or calibrate your windows but didn't know how; Tesla made some guides to show you.

Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Tesla published a blog post on Monday titled Do It Yourself that outlines some basic procedures that Model 3 owners can undertake on their own vehicles to avoid having to bring them to a service center or call mobile service.

Now, that sounds pretty awesome on the surface. After all, Tesla has been notoriously picky about who works on its vehicles, right? Maybe Elon finally got all into Minor Threat and Black Flag and decided to embrace DIY culture fully? Not really, but that's OK.

The Tesla Model 3 DIY list is predominantly stuff that would be found in any owner's manual in any ordinary car. The procedures it outlines range in complexity from the basic "Pairing a Bluetooth phone" and "Connecting an iPhone charging cable" to useful stuff like "Calibrating windows" and "Replacing wiper blades."

A lot of Tesla owners will probably find these explainers helpful, and to Tesla's credit, the instructions are clear and packed with pictures and GIFs. Some of the procedures seem like common sense, but others -- like how to reset the center screen or how to manually disengage the charging cable -- are more specific and could be a huge pain to deal with if you didn't have the info handy.

We hope that Tesla will start offering more of these kinds of guides for its other models. What procedures would you like to see Tesla explain in this way? Let us know in the comments.

Tesla didn't immediately respond to Roadshow's request for comment.