Tesla overtakes Mercedes-Benz for No. 3 spot in luxury car registrations

And the electric carmaker is closing in rapidly on Lexus and BMW.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Tesla shows no signs of slowing up right now.


Tesla is on the move in luxury car registrations in the US, according to new data from Experian that Automotive News reported on Tuesday. According to the data, Tesla passed Mercedes-Benz to take third place when it comes to luxury vehicle registrations. Lexus remains in second place, while BMW took first.

According to the figures, Mercedes-Benz tallied 213,708 registrations through the first three quarters of this year; Tesla cruised past with 230,855 registrations. Tesla's figure isn't that far off Lexus or BMW -- the Japanese luxury marque showed 245,864 registrations, while the German brand achieved 259,237 registrations. 

To be clear, the figures could change as 2021 comes to a close. That's especially true since luxury brands often bank numerous sales around the holidays due to various sales promotions, which could benefit the legacy luxury brands even as Tesla continues to surge. However, the California-based automaker's tally is seriously impressive considering it's been open about facing supply-chain struggles and rising prices for its vehicles. 

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