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Tesla makes up over half of all EV registrations in US this year through August

A whopping 63% of all EVs registered through August were Teslas.

2021 Tesla Model Y
The Model Y made big moves for the EV market in 2021.
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Tesla continues to clean up in the US electric vehicle market. According to data from Experian, which Automotive News reported on Monday, the electric carmaker's vehicles made up 63% of all EVs registered through the first eight months of the year. The two winners are, unsurprisingly, the more attainable Model Y and Model 3, while their closest EV rival doesn't even come close. That'd be the Chevrolet Bolt EV in third place.

Registrations of the Model Y tallied 105,445 vehicles in the first eight months, with the Model 3 showing 80,681 cars. The Bolt EV is a distant third with 22,799. The Ford Mustang Mach-E, while in fourth, makes an impressive showing after just one model year, however, with 15,938 registered. The Model S ranks ninth behind the Porsche Taycan.

Still, this is very much Tesla's market. The data shows EV registrations doubled year-over-year to make up almost 3% of the new car market. The Model Y made up more than half of that growth -- not just other automakers rolling out their own EVs.

Carmakers plan to keep the accelerator the floor when it comes to EVs. Every major automaker will roll out new electric cars through this decade in hopes to plant a stake and carve out their own territory. With that said, this decade's proving to be quite the upheaval for automakers.