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Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck has 200,000-plus reservations to its name

We're a little surprised the figure isn't higher, given how much buzz the Cybertruck earned during and after its reveal.

Tesla Cybertruck
If Tesla sticks to its timeline, the Cybertruck will land in late 2021.

For the first time since last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave us an idea of how many people have raised their hand to reserve the wildly futuristic Tesla Cybertruck.

The number is "at least 200,000." Musk made the comment during an interview with Automotive News on Sunday, and it's a significantly lower figure than the running total compiled by a crowdsourced list. Fans keeping track of their order numbers estimated that there have been approximately 727,000 reservations for the electric pickup truck. That's a huge difference, and we'd think Musk would have the more accurate information.

Musk last floated a figure back in December, hinting then that Tesla had received 250,000 reservations for the Cybertruck. "At least 200,000" implies a chunk of those interested have since asked for their $100 deposits back -- perhaps not surprising during a recession. Tesla will refund the mandatory $100 deposit for a Cybertruck preorder at anytime up until delivery.

Tesla did not immediately return Roadshow's request for comment on the reservations figures.

Nonetheless, having a waitlist of over 200,000 eager buyers is no bad thing. It's not clear what Cybertruck configuration reservation holders are most often opting for, but if they want their truck ASAP, it's the trimotor variant.

The electric pickup with three electric motors starts at $69,900 and will be first to production in late 2021. Tesla will build the trucks at a new factory under construction in Austin, Texas. In 2022, Tesla will follow with dual- and single-motor pickups, which start at $49,900 and $39,900 respectively.

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