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Tesla delays Full Self-Driving beta access, Musk promises changes next month

The outspoken CEO said there's "limited value" further testing the current version and promised more access for Version 9.0.

Tesla Autopilot
Maybe next month.

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said drivers will soon gain a "button" to request access to the Full Self-Driving beta. Last Saturday, he changed the story totally.

According to a tweet from Musk, responding to comments on when the FSD access button would roll out, he said there's "limited value" in testing the current version of the software, which is 8.3. Instead, he doesn't see access widening until Version 9.0 is ready, which he's "hoping" will be ready next month. It's hardly a solid commitment, but his latest comments do feel like a U-turn from what was supposed to be a massive widening of drivers eligible to try out FSD. Many Tesla owners paid thousands of dollars for access to the promised technology over the past few years. The beta only started rolling out in limited numbers last year.

It's not clear what exactly the upcoming version of FSD will include, but Musk said there will be "significant architectural changes," including "improvements to pure vision." That is, how Tesla vehicles "see" the world without using expensive lidar hardware. Instead, cameras, radar, sensors and algorithms create a Tesla's vision.

Anyone who wants access to FSD eventually needs to pay $10,000 to install the capability remotely from their car. But, if that's a tough pill to swallow, Musk hinted we'll soon see a subscription-based service for FSD, perhaps this year. Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment