Tesla tosses in free Supercharging with new EV to juice sales performance

The incentive is back as Tesla pushes for a record 2020.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Tesla Model 3
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Tesla Model 3

Free Supercharging is a nice incentive, no doubt.


In the first part of 2020,  kicked off the new year in poor fashion. Well, so did the entire world, honestly. However, despite production shutdowns in the US and China amid the coronavirus pandemic, Tesla kept itself in the black and continued to move its popular EVs around the world. Now what? Tesla wants to clock a record year in 2020 and it just unleashed a popular sales tool upon its workforce to make it happen, according to a new report.

Electrek reported Saturday that Tesla sales personnel now have the green light to throw in free Supercharging for a year with the purchase of a new car. According to the blog, Tesla specifically issues the following guidance: "All undelivered Model 3 and Model Y vehicles (excluding Model 3 Standard Range) that deliver by Dec. 31 will receive one year of free Supercharging." It sounds like there aren't mileage limitations, either, which is way better than past deals involving free charging. Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment, so we can't say for certain.

The automaker wants to deliver 500,000 cars this year, which is doable, but it'll take a lot of pushing to get it done. According to the blog's tally, the company will need to find homes for 181,000 Tesla cars this quarter to hit the magic number. The good news for Tesla is, according to a leaked email from CEO Elon Musk , demand is high. Still, the 181,000 figure is more than 40,000 cars higher than the number of cars Tesla delivered in the third quarter.

We'll know in the weeks ahead if Tesla nailed it or comes up short.

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