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Tesla Cybertruck production starts this year, company communications say

Customers started receiving text messages affirming a 2021 production start timeline.

Tesla Cybertruck
Hopefully this one arrives on time.

Tesla subtly dropped some news surrounding the highly anticipated Cybertruck electric vehicle on Tuesday, and I can't help but feeling others wanted to steal a little bit of Ford's thunder surrounding the F-150 Lightning reveal. From this nugget of Cybertruck info to a new Toyota Tundra teaser, we got a lot of well-timed news this week from F-150 rivals.

Anyway, according to a Twitter user, Tesla began sending text messages to Cybertruck reservation holders again thanking them for being a part of the journey and not-so-subtly nudging them to drive a Model Y or Model 3 to purchase, too. However, the text also said Cybertruck production will begin in late 2021. Tesla's been pretty quiet about the Cybertruck for awhile now, so it's always interesting to hear any sort of new information about the pickup. Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.

So far, the late 2021 timeframe lines up with what CEO Elon Musk promised when the Cybertruck debuted back in late 2019. The first trucks will be the tri-motor models, and then in late 2022, we'll see the less-powerful and cheaper variants enter production. Assembly will take place at Tesla's new facility in Austin, Texas, which will also build the Model Y and perhaps the Semi. If we're only five or six months from production starting, Cybertruck news should begin heating up soon.