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Tesla is resurrecting its defunct customer referral program, but with some changes

The big T is once again giving customers incentives to bring new people to the brand but the free wheels aren't coming back.

Those who successfully refer customers to Tesla will get entered into a monthly drawing for a free Model Y signed by Elon Musk and Franz Von Holzhausen.
Ashley Esqueda/Roadshow

When Tesla killed off its original customer referral program earlier this year, it rubbed some Tesla superfans the wrong way. The good news for them is that Tesla is bringing it back, albeit in a more limited capacity.

Tesla announced its new program via a blog post on Thursday, and while the rewards are mostly less extravagant than last time around, there are still some cool benefits, including a monthly Model Y giveaway and a quarterly chance to win a Roadster 2.0. Elon Musk and Franz Von Holzhausen will sign both the Model Y and the Roadster.

On the more modest end of the spectrum, both the referrer and the referee will get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging for each person they bring to the brand. What if you already have unlimited free Supercharging? You'll get two entries into the Model Y and Roadster drawings instead.

Is the program as cool as it used to be? No. Free supercharging is not as impressive as exclusive wheels (even if the wheels were only OK looking and now you can just buy them), but it allows Tesla to save a little quiche and still give people something for doing their marketing for them.

Tesla declined to comment further.