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Tesla cars could get stealth Sentry Mode, HAL 9000 graphic replaced

CEO Elon Musk gave a simple agreement to the idea of a stealth mode, while owners began posting the new graphic online.

More changes are coming to Tesla cars.
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Tesla remains busy when it comes to its much-lauded Sentry Mode, which acts as a full security system on its cars, using their Autopilot cameras. The latest update, pushing out to cars now, replaces the original graphic inspired by 2001's HAL 9000, and owners could receive a stealth mode.

As to the latter, CEO Elon Musk gave a simple "Ok" when a fan forum asked on Twitter for a stealth mode. Tesla didn't immediately return a request for comment, but we know Tesla's boss has at least acknowledged it's a possibility. Sentry Mode activates the headlights and lets them blink after the owner engages the system, which owners said in the same Twitter thread can be a tad annoying.

It would also provide an element of surprise for anyone looking to tamper with a Tesla, since blinking lights and the robotic eye graphic on the display clearly show the car is recording each and every moment.

As for the graphic owners have known so well, it's on its way out. A well known Tesla investigator, who goes by Green on Twitter, published the new graphic pushing out to owners already, and it looks a lot more like a character from the quirky puzzle game Portal. Rumors suggest Tesla wasn't able to secure the rights from MGM to use HAL 9000, which led to the change. Tesla has not confirmed this.

Aside from these official and possible changes, the carmaker recently made it much easier to watch footage Sentry Mode captures. While owners still need to install an external storage device to save footage, they can now watch the footage in the car without removing the storage device. This also applies to TeslaCam, the automaker's built in dashcam.

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