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Tesla owners can now view Sentry Mode, TeslaCam footage in-car

A new update headed to owners will make it a lot easier to watch footage captured on these systems.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Tesla has offered its Sentry Mode and TeslaCam systems for quite some time, but it's never been very simple to watch any footage. Owners need to install an external storage device and then remove it to watch footage on a computer.

It's not the most difficult process, but a tad tedious to be fair. Tesla has a solution to make things far easier now. In a new update pushing out to owners starting Friday, clips from Sentry Mode and TeslaCam will be viewable inside the car from the main touchscreen. Sentry Mode records video from the outside to keep an eye on things, while TeslaCam is a built-in dash cam.

Tesla owners will still need an external storage device to save footage, but now, there's a dedicated viewer when the car is in Park. It should be rather intuitive even though Sentry Mode captures footage from each of Autopilot's multiple cameras. The built-in viewer, according to the update notes, overlays recordings to give owners access to multiple viewpoints throughout the car's exterior.

The electric carmaker's been a busy bee since its signature factory in Fremont, California, shut down to comply with a local stay-at-home order. Aside from this update to Sentry Mode and TeslaCam, those in Tesla's early access program also started to receive access to the enhanced Autopilot system that can recognize traffic signals and come to a stop for a red light in the city.

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