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Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept previews a sharp wagon (?) for Geneva

If you liked the last few Viziv concepts, you're bound to dig this one, too.

Most everything on the rear end is hidden, but if you scroll down, we found some additional details hiding out in the shadows.


The world could always use another wagon, even if it's just a concept.

Subaru announced today that it will debut the Viziv Tourer Concept at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6. The name comes from a shortened version of the phrase, "Vision for innovation," and it's likely that it previews the next generation of... something, we're just not sure what. It sure does look like a wagon, though.

Subaru has used the Viziv name in the past on some important concepts. The Viziv-7 concept from the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show eventually turned into the production 2019 Subaru Ascent. The Viziv Performance concept from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show hasn't birthed a production model, but we believe it could preview the next generation of WRX and STI sports cars.

Thus, the Viziv Tourer Concept could preview anything Subaru makes with a long roof and a tall rear end, whether it's the next generation Outback, Forester or Levorg (a wagon not sold in the US). We'll poke Subaru until they give us all the details when we get to Geneva in the first week of March, so keep your eyes peeled and find out whether or not our enhanced interrogation techniques actually work.

Screw around with the .tif file in Photoshop and a few more details pop out.