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Subaru Viziv Performance concept previews sharp new sedan

We're not sure what sedan it is. But hey, it's better than another SUV.

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Subaru has uncovered an attractive concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. The only trouble is, nobody's quite sure what it previews.

The Subaru Viziv Performance concept hints that it's... some kind of new Subaru that, thankfully, isn't a crossover. The front end looks properly aggressive, with LED headlights carrying the same C shape as previous Subarus, but with a bit more of that concept-car flourish. There're some large air intakes just under the lights, as well.

I'm leaning more toward WRX than Legacy.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

On the car's side, there are some gnarly flared fenders, and the body above the taillight moves upward into an integrated spoiler. The side mirrors are also tiny, while traditional door handles are replaced with button releases. The five-person sedan also features plenty of carbon fiber for the front lip, roof, side sills and rear diffuser. A 20-inch wheel and Bridgestone Potenza tire package completes the concept's exterior.

With a 107.4-inch wheelbase, the Viziv Performance Concept could preview a new, larger WRX compared to today's model that rides on a 104.3-inch wheelbase. Or, it could be a precursor to a slightly smaller next-generation Legacy. The current Legacy uses a 108.3-inch wheelbase.

Of course, Subaru outfits the Viziv with its latest technology features including a next-generation EyeSight driver-assist system, radar, GPS and navigation systems.