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Subaru maxes out with new VIZIV-7 SUV concept

How big can a Subaru get? 17 feet long, according to the new VIZIV-7 concept the company unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show.

Subaru's VIZIV-7 SUV concept lives in a Tron-world for now, but seems like a candidate for a full production vehicle.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Subaru made its reputation with outdoorsy vehicles, offering all-wheel-drive standard and a substantial 8.7-inches of ground clearance. But its top vehicle, the Outback, gets dwarfed by massive SUVs from other automakers. Now it looks like Subaru wants to play with the big boys, as it introduces its VIZIV-7 concept at the Los Angeles auto show.

Of this rugged-looking SUV concept, Subaru says it shows "how big a future Subaru SUV can be." And given its dimensions, that is pretty big. The concept measures 17 feet long, over 6.5 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

Subaru hasn't had a large SUV since it discontinued its Tribeca model in 2013, and it seems likely the company would want to create a new model for that segment. As such, and according to its name, the VIZIV-7 seats seven. VIZIV in the name stands for "vision", also applied to previous Subaru concept cars.

As it is just a concept, Subaru did not supply specifications as to engine size or other information about the VIZIV-7. However, it seems a sure candidate for a future model, as Subaru tends to takes its concepts to production, with only minor modification.