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Subaru Solterra EV reveal: Watch the Japan-spec SUV debut

Look for the US debut next week at the LA Auto Show, but get a sneak peak with its reveal in Japan today.

Subaru's ready to enter the electric vehicle segment with the 2023 Solterra SUV. While we won't have specifics and details on the electric SUV for the US until next week, we're in for an early treat. Subaru plans to reveal the new EV in Japan, and has a livestream ready for everyone to enjoy.

The electric SUV will be a twin of the Toyota BZ4X, which we already saw, so don't expect too many surprises in terms of design. And if Subaru decides to share any specs, take them with a grain of salt. US specs could differ when the brand launches the electric SUV locally next year.

Still, this marks a big debut for the brand after it and partner Toyota buddied up to build an EV platform a few years ago. Subaru plans to pull the sheet off its new SUV at 4:30 p.m. PT this evening, so stay tuned. As for full details on the US-spec model, check back on Nov. 17 when the company will have news just for us here in North America.