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Samsung AR glasses patent shows off turn-by-turn navigation function

Think of it like a HUD that's on at all times.

Samsung AR glasses with navigation patent
Look at those nifty shades.

Technology is wild. Seriously, it's incredible to get a glimpse at gadgets that could come in the future to potentially transform the way we perform tasks. Cars and driving are one such technological area, and Samsung has its eye on some pretty nifty augmented reality features.

In a patent filed in South Korea, Samsung partially describes a pair of glasses with AR functions that can provide turn-by-turn navigation right in front of the driver's eyes. Essentially, it sounds a bit like a head-up display of the kind some cars provide in the windshield, but in this case, it's directly ahead of the driver, thanks to the glasses.

From the patent description and image, it sounds like a camera will work with the glasses to read the road ahead. From there, the tech could calculate navigation and deploy arrows and other navigation guidance into the world as the driver sees it.

While a head-up display remains fixed while driving, we could see these AR glasses give drivers the ability to look around and still see directions as they look for an exit ramp, or navigate a lane change. There's also mention of an in-vehicle camera to possibly read a driver's signals and send commands to the system.

It might not end there. The AR glasses could also, for example, provide gas prices when a driver views a fuel station and they could surely overlay the real world with all sorts of additional information as the driver glances around. Whether drivers want to clutter their view with extra info will likely differ person by person, of course.

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