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Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV's 'Viewing Suite' lets you take it all in

It's just a set of chairs built into the cargo area, but I'm surprised nobody's done this before.


When you've got the money to afford a Rolls-Royce, you can make your problems somebody else's and just sit back, relax and enjoy the view -- and Rolls-Royce added a feature to its new SUV to help you do precisely that.

Rolls-Royce will introduce a new Viewing Suite option to its Cullinan SUV. Courtesy of Rolls-Royce's exclusive Bespoke department, the Viewing Suite is a set of rear-facing leather chairs that deploy from the cargo area with the push of a button.

The leather on these chairs is probably nicer than any I've ever sat on, and they're in the trunk.


Owners can use these seats to enjoy the view wherever the Cullinan is parked. Rolls-Royce imagines it hanging out on the side of some mountain, or perhaps near the shores of Lake Como -- to be honest, if I had this car, that's precisely where I'd be, too. That said, it would be equally excellent to have these chairs during a Rose Bowl tailgate. You're never too tipsy to enjoy high-quality leather.

The automaker didn't say how much this option would cost, but suffice it to say, mechanical craftsmanship of this caliber is all but guaranteed to come with a high price tag. Hell, it's not like the Cullinan is going to be a bargain, either -- the price could very well eclipse the Phantom VIII's mid-$400,000 window sticker. But if you want the best omelets you've ever eaten, you'll have to crack a few golden eggs.

In case you forgot what the Cullinan itself will look like.