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Roav Bolt is like a tiny Google Home for your car

This compact smart device for automotive brings the power of Google Assistant along for the ride.

Roav Bolt Google Assistant
Roav by Anker

Anker's Roav automotive accessory brand has announced the Roav Bolt, a Google Home Mini for your car that can also charge your phone.

The Roav Bolt plugs directly into your cars 12-volt outlet and looks a lot like a regular, albeit slightly bulky, phone charger with its dual 2.4-amp USB charging ports and simple design. However, it packs in the power of Google Voice Assistant, presumably powered by your phone's data plan. A 3.5mm auxiliary output allows the Bolt to connect to older cars to send audio through the vehicle's speakers. Newer vehicles can take advantage of wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Drivers can tap a physical button on the Bolt's face or use the "OK Google" voice command to let Google Assistant cue up songs, navigate to destinations, send text messages, control smart home devices and more. The device even has the four LEDs that illuminate to let you know when it's listening, just like Google Home devices. 

Roav Bolt by Anker
Roav by Anker

With its Bluetooth connection, the Bolt will also enable hands-free calling with dual noise-cancelling microphones, something that the standard Google Home Mini on your nightstand can't do.

The Roav Bolt looks like an interesting alternative to Android Auto for vehicles that don't support Google's phone-mirroring technology or for drivers who prefer a screen-free interface. Expect the Bolt to hit the road in February 2019 with an MSRP of $50.

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