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Rivian sets delivery dates for more R1T and R1S EV customers

Rejoice, reservation holders. Your trucks and SUVs will start arriving en masse starting March.

Here they come.
Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Rivian began production of customer cars this past September, but now it's ready to ramp up deliveries. The Rivian forums lit up with activity Tuesday evening as the company began emailing reservation holders with delivery dates for their R1T electric pickups and R1S electric SUVs.

The forum created a poll so everyone could get a snapshot of when the majority of customers will receive their cars. Most respondents said they received estimated delivery dates for March through June 2022. That's for the R1T, but R1S customers report the most estimated delivery dates for June through September of next year. 

These estimates are for the Launch Edition models, which naturally, come before the standard trucks and SUVs Rivian plans to build next. Regardless, it remains a milestone for a company that's never built cars before. The startup, flush with cash from a wildly successful initial public offering, plans for a second factory to expand outside its Normal, Illinois, footprint. It will also build a new electric van for Amazon's delivery services as it continues to ramp up R1T and R1S production.