Release date for 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport: When you can buy

You can reserve Ford's new Bronco and Bronco Sport online right now for $100.

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2021 Bronco- two and four-door models
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2021 Bronco- two and four-door models

Two-door or four-door? It looks hard to go wrong.

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Ford Bronco available Spring, 2021 and Bronco Sport available Fall, 2020

The 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport finally greeted the world on Monday night, and, suffice it to say, we like what we see. The SUVs aren't officially on sale just yet, but thankfully, you can reserve one right now.

Alongside the SUVs' debut, Ford launched an online reservation site where you can put down a refundable $100 deposit toward the Bronco or Bronco Sport of your choice. Head over to our how-to story to read how it all works.

The unibody 2021 Bronco Sport will hit dealers this fall, but if you want the big Bronco, you'll need to wait until next spring. If you can hold out, the two-door 2021 Bronco will cost $29,995 to start, including a $1,495 destination charge. If you'd rather go for the four-door, that'll be $34,695, once again including the destination fee. Buyers can choose between two turbocharged engines and even get a seven-speed manual transmission, with standard four-wheel drive.

The Bronco Sport, on the other hand, is a more approachable crossover for folks who don't need the big Bronco's hardcore off-road capability. It costs $28,155 including $1,495 for destination and again comes with turbo power and standard all-wheel drive.

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