Ram trucks earn more smarts with Uconnect 5 infotainment software

More features, customization and higher resolution help keep the Ram lineup at the top of its tech game.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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2022 Ram Uconnect 5

Uconnect 5 will be just as slick as ever.


knows modern truck buyers aren't just looking for a tough machine, but a smart one too. It makes sense then that the 2022 Ram lineup gains Uconnect 5, which the brand announced on Wednesday. Uconnect 5 is the slickest version of the infotainment software yet, complete with quicker processing speeds for snappier screen flicks, better resolution screens and cameras, and added customization for owners.

The brand's pretty pleased with customer feedback from the system, but the customization aspect should help any Ram owner conjure information at the touch of a button. The home screen, for instance, features customizable spaces so owners can add frequently used applications. This info will also mirror the gauge cluster, and in some cases, the head-up display. The latest software also includes five different driver profiles, so each person driving can have access to how they want to use the system best.

Added convenience continues with the addition of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Yes, even though Uconnect runs on Android in the background, you can still use CarPlay or Ram's native systems, should you please. Depending on what Ram you have in your garage, and if it boasts the 12-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay can now fill the entire space, too. Have a couple passengers in the car? The system also allows drivers to connect two devices to the infotainment system, and provide one device with priority for a number of things. Maybe the driver wants to control music, while the passenger receives priority for navigation or phone calls with Uconnect 5. It's up to owners, and maybe their backseat drivers. One more bonus: turn-by-turn navigation works in the driver's cluster or HUD with or without Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

This time around, Amazon's Alexa voice assistant joins the party as well. With the familiar command name, the assistant wakes up directly from the truck without anything else needed. This is in addition to Ram's native voice assistant, which works with a quick, "Hey, Ram."

As for Ram commercial vehicles, they're in for Uconnect 5 goods, too. Ram Telematics receives upgrades to allow third-party fleet data-collection companies to provide monitoring services for fleet owners, should they want it. Ram will package data in the cloud, and then third-party companies can deliver this information to their customers. 

If any of this sounds good, you'll find the updated goods in Ram trucks and vans at dealers soon.

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