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Production Volkswagen ID Buzz EV van teased with lovely retro looks

The electric ID Buzz is almost ready for primetime, and it looks super close to the 2017 concept.

The production ID Buzz looks just like the concept.

Volkswagen is finally almost ready to reveal the production version of the ID Buzz, the brand's retro electric microbus, sneaking in our first real look at the van during the presentation of the ID 5 crossover. (Another more official image of a second Buzz was also released by VW's vans division.) Unlike the previously shown prototypes and teasers, this ID Buzz's design is the real deal: the final, customer-ready version without any camouflage beyond a psychedelic wrap. It looks damn good, and super close to the 2017 concept.

Compared to the concept, the production ID Buzz does have a number of changes, but the microbus style is still very much intact. The swept back headlights have a horizontal light bar that connect to the large VW emblem, which is higher up on the nose than the concept. All of the roof pillars except for the E-pillar at the very rear are now blacked out, but the production Buzz still has a slim set of windows at the front that hark back to the original models. The nose is a little more prominent now too, and the top of the windshield no longer juts out, but it's still a much flatter and more cab-forward look than on any other vans on sale.

The Buzz's face 


The rest of the changes amount to productionizing a concept car, so no real surprises there. The lower bumper has a cool diamond pattern to the intake for actual cooling, something that the concept only alluded to, and there are real door handles and side mirrors in place of cameras. The rail for the sliding rear doors is more noticeable, but it's housed in a concave chamfered line that runs all the way to the front end, which should still allow for a rad two-tone paint job. Overall the Buzz's surfacing is just like the concept's, with smooth body sides and subtle wheel arches, and the vent-like detailing at the rear pillar remains as well. Honestly, I think the production Buzz looks even better than the concept, especially when it comes to its happy-looking face.

In addition to the passenger version you see here, the ID Buzz will be available in commercial van form and in a third variant that's perfect for ride-hailing. The Buzz will be built on Volkswagen's modular MEB electric platform, and multiple wheelbases should be offered along with both rear- and all-wheel-drive versions. As far as interior style goes, expect a similar look to that of VW's new Multivan, but with a more retro twist.

In the presentation, Volkswagen says we will see the production version of the ID Buzz in early 2022, which tracks with VW's plans to put it on sale in the US in 2023.

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