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Volkswagen's ID Buzz electric bus will sport three versions, report says

VW wants one for ride-hailing, commercial use and another anyone can buy at a dealership.

VW ID Buzz Cargo
The cargo van still looks properly cool.

The production version of the Volkswagen ID Buzz remains a hotly anticipated electric vehicle, even though it's been years since we saw the concept break cover. According to a new report from Automotive News Europe, VW's busy plotting three separate versions of the electric bus: one to sell to the public, one for ride-hailing and another for commercial fleets.

VW teased this strategy with the ID Buzz Cargo with a more utilitarian look. There will also be short wheelbase versions of the production car to handle commercial and private buyers in Europe, and a long-wheelbase version for the US. However, the latest report said the US will get a ride-hailing version with four seats. Two will face forward toward the driver, and the other two will face rearward. A six-seat version will come to Europe for carpooling services, according to the report.

The automaker declined to comment on the report, but the strategy isn't far-fetched at all. Commercial vehicles continue to become a focal point for companies as more retail moves online. With the pivot, delivery vehicles are in high demand, and ripe for electrification to reduce emissions. Further, according to the report, VW remains invested in prepping a self-driving version of the ID Buzz for autonomous delivery by 2025. Indeed, during a recent media presentation, VW remained committed to bringing autonomous vehicle services to local roads by the end of this decade in its latest roadmap. Whether the automaker achieves the goal remains to be seen.

We should see the production bus land in the US sometime between 2023 and 2024.