Volkswagen ID Buzz will bring its electric love bus looks to US in 2023, report says

The production ID Buzz should launch in 2023 as a 2024 model, according to reported remarks from a VW executive.

Pray the production van comes with two-tone color options.
Andrew Trahan Photography LLC

Way back in 2017, Volkswagen showed off the electric ID Buzz concept, previewing a potential return of the iconic Microbus, this time with a zero-emissions powertrain. Six years after the concept's reveal, we should see the electric van on sale at dealerships, according to a Car and Driver report last Thursday.

The magazine cited remarks from VW's Commercial Vehicles Division, Carsten Intra, who reportedly said the production ID Buzz will land in the US in 2023 for the 2024 model year. However, Europe will get first dibs at the van in 2022, according to the report. Across the Atlantic, VW plans to launch the ID Buzz in both a commercial and passenger version. The automaker reportedly won't offer the commercial version in the US.

Instead, when it does arrive in America a year later, we'll just get the passenger version and it will be a tad more luxurious than the European spec. Europe may get a couple different wheelbase configurations, but in the US, we're likely looking at a long-wheelbase version only. That shouldn't be a problem considering Americans love their big vehicles, but it's a bummer if smaller versions end up looking way cooler, simply due to proportions. VW declined to comment on the specifics, but confirmed we will get the long-wheelbase version.

The report goes on to mention the potential for three battery options, though details are slim. For the base model, rear-wheel drive and 200 horsepower are reportedly in the cards, while a range-topping model will sport all-wheel drive and 300 hp.

The ID Buzz has been a highly anticipated vehicle from the time it showed up on the auto show pedestal in Detroit. If VW nails it, the electric van could be just the thing to nab attention away from other carmakers with a penchant for building splashy, headline-grabbing EVs. Yes, I mean Tesla.

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