Porsche's Tech Live Look augmented reality system helps during COVID-19 distancing

The system, which debuted in 2018, uses augmented reality glasses to pair Porsche techs with technical experts at the company's US HQ.

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Porsche Tech Live Look
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Porsche Tech Live Look

Tech Live Look involves dealer mechanics wearing special glasses that allow a Porsche technical expert to effectively look over their shoulder.

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Working on cars can be tough, even for professional mechanics. As vehicles become more technologically advanced and more tightly packaged, that difficulty goes up. That's why Porsche came out with the Tech Live Look augmented repair assistance technology to help its mechanics at dealerships.

That was already kind of cool, but what's really interesting is that during the the COVID-19 pandemic, many of Porsche's field technical experts haven't been able to get to the dealerships, so instead they've been turning to the Tech Live Look system to help diagnose problems for dealership techs remotely.

"Tech Live Look has gained a new level of significance for us in the current situation," Doug House, manager of Technical Support for Porsche Cars North America, said in a statement Tuesday. "It accelerates the service on the vehicle and, most importantly, helps ensure customers' mobility at a critical time."

According to Porsche, participation in the Tech Live Look program is up by more than 300% as dealer employees look for ways to help get customer cars out the door as much as 40% faster than without it, thanks to the ability to share information in real time.

Porsche started to roll the system out in 2018, and Roadshow's own Tim Stevens went down to Porsche's US headquarters near Atlanta to check it out by diagnosing a Panamera

A closer look at Porsche's Tech Live Look glasses

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