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Porsche to reveal new Taycan variant in LA, confirms 718 GT4 RS debut

The LA Auto Show will host a few Porsche reveals, and the Taycan sounds quite interesting.

Porsche LA Auto Show teaser
New Porsches inbound.

Porsche will have a few things to show all of us at the LA Auto Show next week. The German brand was forthcoming about one of them, and still secretive about the others. The first is a new 718 GT4 RS, which Porsche said will be the most capable one yet. The others are a new Taycan variant and a totally new Taycan body style.

We'll get the 718 GT4 RS stuff out of the way first because it's a cut-and-dry formula. The brand promised more power than the 414-horsepower GT4 model, a reduced curb weight and more downforce. Because race car. It can also lap the Nurburgring Nordschleife almost 24 seconds quicker than a standard 718 GT4. That's all Porsche wanted to share for now.

For the Taycans, the new variant will slot between the Taycan 4S and Taycan Turbo, so perhaps something a little spicier than a 4S without going full bonkers like the Turbo model. As for the third body style joining the Taycan range, it's anyone's guess. We already have the sedan and wagon, so could we perhaps see a Taycan coupe? That's for everyone to find out on Nov. 16 in LA.