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2017-2018 Porsche Panamera recalled for power steering issues

About 75,000 vehicles worldwide are affected, nearly 18,000 of which are in the US.

A lack of power steering isn't the end of the world, but it might make driving trickier at low speeds, which can increase the risk of injury. Hence, Porsche's got a fresh recall on its hands.

Porsche has issued a worldwide recall for approximately 75,000 examples of the 2017-2018 Porsche Panamera. Of those vehicles, approximately 18,000 of them are located in the US and Puerto Rico.

The issue stems from the software controlling the car's power steering. Porsche discovered a potential software failure in the field that may cause the power steering to disappear or kick in and out intermittently. This means a driver may need to exert extra force to maneuver the vehicle, which could increase the risk of a collision. Thankfully, Porsche has received no reports of injuries related to the software bug.

The fix is entirely software-based, and thus it should only take about an hour for Porsche's technicians to clear things up. Dealers will take the recalled vehicles and apply a software fix that will eliminate the issue. Vehicles still in dealer hands will be fixed before being sold. Owners will receive a notification via first-class mail.