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Porsche announces new Performance Parts upgrades for older models

The company also debuted two Cayenne test cars that show off potential modifications.

It's amazing what a set of stripes and rally lights can do.

Porsche today announced large new initiatives of its Exclusive and Classic divisions, with the former now able to develop bespoke one-off creations for customers and the latter starting to do full restorations -- and modifications -- of older models. Porsche also announced an expansion of its Tequipment lineup of accessories and components that it's calling Performance Parts. Porsche says the new parts will range from "lifestyle products" to performance enhancements and components inspired by the brand's history.

To show off what Porsche Classic is capable of, the division created two test vehicles based on the first-generation Cayenne Turbo SUV, and they're rad as hell. Each one has a unique vinyl wrap that Porsche says "accentuates the lifestyle character" of the Cayenne; the left side of the SUVs have a complex motif with a large Porsche script along the body, while the right side gets a simpler multi-color stripe with a racing number and a larger Cayenne script.

Hell yes.


There's more to these Cayennes than just the graphics, though. The white car has sweet rally-style wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, while the black one has wheels with a beadlock look and mud-terrain tires. Both Cayennes also have a serious front skid plate and huge rally mudflaps, and they look like they could have been lifted. While the white Cayenne has a roof rack with a bunch of LED lights, fuel canisters, recovery tracks, a spare wheel and a shovel, the black one has a hard-shell pop-up tent and a rear-mounted spare. Porsche says that all of these components are being tested for production feasibility and the Cayennes will be brought to events over the summer to gauge customer feedback.

The Cayenne isn't the only model that Porsche Classic is working on upgrades for. Porsche says that there's been a "high level" of demand worldwide for its retrofit infotainment systems, leading the company to develop a new system for the 911, Boxster and Cayman models of the mid-2000's (as well as the Cayenne). The Classic division is also working on chassis upgrades for the legendary 959 and the 996-gen 911, a new steering wheel for G-body 911s and the iconic Fuchs wheels for cars that weren't originally offered with them.

The Manthey-tuned GT2 RS.


In terms of the legit performance offerings, first up is an upgrade kit for the 991 GT2 RS that was developed by Manthey Racing, a longtime partner of Porsche's racing divisions. The kit adds a huge rear wing, front canards, a new rear diffuser and magnesium wheels with awesome carbon-fiber aero covers over the rear wheels. It also gets upgraded brakes and a new coilover suspension system. A Manthey-modified GT2 RS set a road-legal lap record at the Nürburgring a few years ago, besting the standard car by around 7 seconds, so this upgrade kit should provide real benefits. Porsche says the Manthey kit will be available in Europe this month, with other markets to follow. Other upcoming performance parts will include racing brake pads and 3D-printed bucket seats that are adapted to each customer's body.