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Porsche's 99X electric race car might be the wildest-looking thing in Formula E

The car will campaign in Formula E beginning in November.

Porsche's 99X Formula E racer packs an 800-volt drivetrain, similar to that of the Taycan.


Well, the cat's out of the bag, we now know what Porsche's Formula E car will look like and friend, it's incredible. The brand unveiled its 99X electric racer via Twitch, the online streaming platform, on Wednesday.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the car's styling is its rear end, which manages to fall somewhere between a fighter jet and the Mean Machine from Wacky Races. We love it. Other design cues that we love are the way the halo -- complete with LED lighting to denote the car's power mode -- is integrated into the driver's area and the almost full-coverage front fenders.

The 99X is going to be campaigned by the Porsche Tag Heuer Formula E team starting in November. The electric drivetrain from the 99X was informed pretty substantially by the hybrid system that Porsche developed for the 919 race car that it used to win Le Mans and also shares some design with the drivetrain of the new Taycan production car.

"Today is an important day. With the premiere of the Porsche 99X Electric, we are taking a big step toward the Porsche works entry in Formula E," Fritz Enzinger, Vice President Porsche Motorsport and Group Motorsport Volkswagen, said in a statement. "I am really proud of our team, which has shown a high level of commitment to the Formula E project. Now I am looking forward to seeing the Porsche 99X Electric on the racetrack."

Porsche intends to use its participation in Formula E to help it refine future electric vehicle technology for its production vehicles -- something it's done in other racing series with much success. That's how Porsche's PDK gearbox was developed and eventually brought to production.

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