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​Paris Motor Show 2014: Top 5 concept cars

At every international auto show it's the concept cars that add spice to the practical, economical and otherwise dull machines that fill the show floor. Join us for a look at our favorites.

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Loving concept cars is easy. Sure, they're a bit of a tease -- striking and fascinating but likely never coming to production -- but if anything that only adds to the appeal. This year in Paris there were plenty on display, but we've gone ahead and whittled that down to our top five. Without further ado...

Infinity Q80 Inspiration

Josh Miller/CNET

The name of this one says everything: inspiration. Not likely to ever see production, this concept car exists to let Infiniti designers stretch their legs a little, and to give those of us on the outside an idea of what sort of design cues to expect from future, horizon-looking machines.

The "aggressively proportioned" car features suicide doors exposing a radical interior with dual-HUDs. An autonomous driving system can take over or just give you suggestions on how to improve your own driving, while physical back-seat-drivers will be placated by the bottle of champagne integrated between the rear seats. This is Paris, after all.

Production viability: Low

Audi TT Sportback

2015 Audi TTS
Josh Miller/CNET

A coupe with too many doors seems like a recipe for disaster, but somehow it works here. The Audi TT Sportback is simply a TT with more doors, closer spiritually to the A4 perhaps, but looking great regardless. Laser headlights up front, 400 horsepower under the hood, and that amazing Nvidia-powered virtual dashboard are all highlights. We're in love, but despite it looking like it just rolled off a production line, Audi's saying this one isn't likely for showrooms. Shame.

Production viability: Medium

Peugeot Quartz


It's a rough and rowdy crossover 'ute from Peugeot -- ignoring the fact that this concept is largely hollow and glued together, like the rest of the concepts. It still looks striking, if overly menacing. The two-tone paint with bright red highlights makes quite an impression, as do the ridiculously complicated scissor doors and the "holographic" heads-up display inside. Crazy, as concepts should be.

Production viability: Low

Citroen DS Divine

Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Citroen is spinning up its DS as a separate sub-brand, and to celebrate there's this, the Divine. It's festooned with gemstones and covered with diamond shapes throughout, including louvers that would make seeing out the rear something of a challenge. Thankfully there's a camera. And, yes, a heads-up display, and even a high-definition monitor that'd be just perfect for watching Pink Flamingos.

Production viability: Low

Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4

Josh Miller/CNET

Asterion was a mythical minotaur, half-man and half-bull, and Lamborghini's Asterion has a split personality too. It's a hybrid, a 910 horsepower hybrid with a V-10 in the back and lovely styling all over. It's also a touch more refined than we've seen from recent Lambos, even with some classical flair. From certain angles you might think Muira, which is a very good thing indeed.

Production viability: Medium (but we want it to be higher)