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Nissan's next Vmotion concept could preview an electric crossover

Vmotion 2.0's paint is still drying, but Nissan is already looking to the future.


Concept vehicles tend to give the public a hint about an automaker's future production goals. We already know Nissan is involved in electric cars, but its next concept could show just how far the automaker wants to take it.

Despite releasing the Vmotion 2.0 concept earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan is already hard at work on Vmotion 3.0. Whereas the Vmotion 2.0 concept explored sedan styling in the age of autonomous vehicles, Vmotion 3.0 will focus on how Nissan views the future of electric vehicles, and -- surprise, surprise -- it's probably going to be a crossover.

Vmotion 3.0 will have to look incredible to top its predecessor. This is one hot concept.


According to Automotive News, which caught up with Nissan's executive design director, Vmotion 3.0 will adapt its design language to explore what can be done with electric vehicles. A flat battery and no big gas engine up front means Nissan can screw around with flat floors and all sorts of new body styling.

Like many other concepts in the auto industry, it will likely preview the next generation of Nissan EVs. Considering how well consumers have embraced crossovers, it only makes sense that Nissan would try to capitalize on that trend at the same time. In fact, Nissan's already hybridized its compact Rogue crossover, but that's still a far cry from full-on electrification.

Nissan has another EV on the way as well, independent of the Vmotion 3.0 concept. Later this year, the automaker will finally unveil the successor to the Leaf electric hatchback. We've only seen a teaser for now, and it was only part of a headlight, but man -- that's one attractive headlight.