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Nissan Z set for production reveal this summer

The sheet is set to come off in August in New York.

Nissan Z Proto
We sure hope the production Z looks a whole lot like the Proto Z.

Nissan's long-awaited new Z car is coming. We saw its Z Proto concept last year, but the production car is set to debut on Aug. 17, Nissan said on Thursday. The company also said the reveal will take place in New York. The debut comes two days before the press preview day for the New York Auto Show, so it could be quite a big debut as auto shows do their darndest to return to in-person events.

If you like the Z Proto, you'll love the production car. We already saw it uncovered in a few leaked photos and it carries the Proto's looks almost to a T. And, in case you forgot, the next Nissan Z -- potentially named the 400Z -- will have a twin-turbo V6 for the first time. The zesty power plant will be paired with a manual transmission (an automatic will be optional) and rear-wheel drive. We're still pretty smitten with the Z's styling, which does a great job recalling past Z cars, like the 240Z.

We should get all the details Aug. 17, and hopefully, the reveal means we'll see the car on sale by the end of this year. We're itching for a new sports car from Nissan.

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