Nissan 400Z leaks in production form, looks downright amazing

According to a fan forum, Nissan shipped two production cars to LA, and someone snapped some great shots.

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Sean Szymkowski
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The proverbial cat's out of the bag. This is almost certainly the production Nissan 400Z captured on video and in photos by some hero working in a warehouse, posted to the 400Z Club forum on Monday. According to the guy shooting the video, Nissan shipped a couple of cars to Los Angeles; one with an automatic transmission and one with a manual. Regardless, this car looks very much like the Z Proto concept car, and that's a very good thing.

The best photos are of the 400Z with the automatic transmission, sporting a lovely gray color and a matching, painted roof. Also notice the front grille, which turned off some people with dark black accents on the Z Proto. Here, it's finished in a lighter silver/gray color. I personally think that fills the squared-off shape much better than the dark black seen on the concept car. Then again, the Z Proto wore a highlighter yellow hue with black accents, which really accentuated the square look. I don't have much to say about the rear: It still looks downright awesome in my book, with those 300ZX-esque taillights.

Nissan 400Z leaked photo
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Nissan 400Z leaked photo

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The interior of the 400Z looks basically identical to the Z Proto we saw previously, save for the chunky automatic gear selector in this car. It looks like the switchgear comes from the new Rogue and other recent Nissan cars and totally fits the techier vibe. The gauge cluster remains all digital and a big display screen sits in the center stack with three physical dials below it. The triple pod gauges atop the center stack also remain.

Nissan hasn't said when it plans to launch the new sports car, but all signs pointed to some time next year. In a best-case scenario, perhaps it will happen later this year. News of the company shipping a couple production cars to the US is, however, a good sign we may see the 400Z sooner rather than later. Check out all the photos right down below in the meantime.

Nissan 400Z still looks sharp in production form, leak shows

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