Nissan shows how to work from home in style with Office Pod concept

You can pull the office out of the van when you want some time with nature, which sounds pretty wonderful.

Great stuff Japan, never change.

The 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon isn't happening due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that isn't stopping Japanese automakers from participating in a virtual fashion. Nissan on Thursday revealed this super quirky concept it had planned to bring to the show: the NV350 Office Pod.

The NV350 features exterior modifications to help it cross rougher terrains, which would certainly lead me to get out of dodge, and when you get there, the real magic unfolds. Literally. Inside the Office Pod concept is a small but functional office complete with a desk, chair and space for a large monitor. There's also a small station for coffee, so it sounds like Nissan knows me well.

But drivers can legitimately pull the office out of the van to sit within nature or wherever they're parked to enjoy the sights while they carry on with their work day. There's even an upstairs "balcony" to relax on -- complete with a lounge chair and umbrella -- when it's time for a break from the grind. It's very Japanese and very cool.

Nissan, I'll take one. I think many of us here will take one, actually. 

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