First production Nissan GT-R50 brought into the world and it's magnificent

Power, gorgeous design and totally street legal: The GT-R50 lives!

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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and partner Italdesign said the GT-R50 was coming, and you know what, they did it. The wild concept car had a lengthy journey to production, but it's here and it still looks so darn good.

The Italian design firm unveiled the first production Nissan GT-R50 on Wednesday and it happens to be the super awesome mint-colored car we saw last year. It's honestly remarkable to see what's basically a concept car come to life, and it's the painstaking effort from Italdesign that helped deliver it.

Nissan GT-R50 finally reaches production and wow it's still good

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Each GT-R50 is hand-built after starting life as a GT-R Nismo, and the design is so close to the concept that it's hard to pick out any major changes. It looks like the only major change truly visible is a set of production-spec side mirrors. Otherwise, this car still oozes the wow factor. Each car also wears its production number on the rear quarter fender to let onlookers know these are very special cars.

Speaking of production numbers, Nissan and Italidesign decided to build just 50 of them at $1.1 million each after unveiling the concept in 2018. That's a ton of cash for a GT-R, but just look at it. Plus, you're still getting the raucous twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 with 710 horsepower onboard, and it celebrates Italdesign and GT-R's 50th anniversary. Don't book me as your CPA, but for those who had over $1 million burning a hole in their bank accounts, I commend you on the purchase.

With the first car done, a couple more will head to owners by late 2020. The rest of the 50 GT-R50 models will ship out in 2021.

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