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Nissan Ariya electric SUV teaser shows more of its production form

We've already seen it as a concept, and soon, it'll be a real-deal EV.

The Nissan Leaf has long been lonely as Nissan's sole battery-electric offering. But soon, it'll have a new friend, and we've got yet another teaser to hold us over until its debut.

Nissan this week rolled out a teaser video for the upcoming Ariya electric crossover. It's slated for debut on July 15 and the teaser gives us a few glimpses of the Ariya's production body, which we've only seen as a concept thus far. The video itself is pretty straightforward: There's a car, and it's driving, and you only get to see a little bit at a time. But there's a pretty good shot of most of the front end in winter driving, and I have to say, I like (what admittedly little) I see.

The Ariya is about more than adding another EV to Nissan's portfolio. This slick little number will actually help usher in the next generation of Nissan's design language, which will underpin the looks of each new car it unveils after Ariya.

The biggest hint we've seen about the Ariya's production form thus far has come via Instagram leaks. In April, purported patent images surfaced showing the general design of the Ariya's front and rear ends. It stays pretty true to the concept's design, albeit with a bunch of likely changes so that the car can pass crash tests and all that good stuff. In terms of underlying tech, it wouldn't be obscene to assume that it will share some components with the Leaf, in addition to packing the latest iteration of Nissan's ProPilot Assist driver-assistance suite, but we'll know for sure in just a few days.